When Busy Professionals Want To Lose Weight and Keep It Off For Good Without Diets or Restrictions…

…this is where they come

Meet Your Expert Coach

The world of work has changed… employers are demanding more while providing fewer resources and it seems like there’s less and less time in the day as each year passes.

Now that work-life balance has become more of a blend, it makes it challenging and stressful to prioritize your health on top of all the other things you have going on.

If you’re like most high-performing women working in the corporate world, you’ve sacrificed a lot to give your best at your job and get to your level...

…your health was one of these things

But now - you’re ready to change that. You want to lose weight without any hassles or extra stress and you want to keep it off for the long term

That means no fad diets, no restrictions, and learning how to make nutrition simple and easy and learning how to workout when you're pressed for time

That’s where I come in

Hi! I’m Candice.


Creator and Coach of Appetite for Awesome.


Appetite for Awesome was designed specifically for busy career-focused women who are tired of dieting and depriving themselves only to get small to no results.


With more than 15 years as an Organizational Psychologist working in a corporate environment and 6+ years as a Nutrition & Health Coach, I know what it takes to reprioritize and reclaim your health - even in the context of a way too busy day.


I understand the stress and impact that trying to balance work and life have on your health, your body weight, your energy and your attitude.


I have gone up and down in weight multiple times and tried several diets to help me get and keep the body I wanted.

And yes, even when I was losing weight, I struggled with unhealthy eating habits and mental practices too…

…I spent too much time on programs and practices that didn’t work for me and I get the frustration that comes with another failed diet attempt.

…All of those missteps were part of the journey and why I’m able to relate, connect, and support women to finally prioritize their health, release (not just lose) the weight, and keep it off while also getting stronger - physically and mentally.

Here, we keep things simple, practical and effective.

That means





- just realistic strategies that improve your relationship with food, strengthen your body, and calm your mind so you can focus on being your confident, energized, best self ALL the time, not just at work.