Better Health (beyond 40)

Nov 09, 2023

Shifting to a healthier lifestyle can be tough at any age. It seems like an even more daunting task as we round the corner into our 40’s and 50’s. 

This time can be especially tough on women. Your metabolism may be changing, work responsibility is at an all time high as you step into higher or more complex roles, stress seems to pile from professional and personal sources, and of course, hormones are changing and often in erratic ways. This might mean weight gain, disruptions to sleep, low energy, and a general sense of losing your normal self, which makes it hard to feel motivated for anything “extra.”

You’re not crazy if you feel like weight management and healthy living in general is harder than it used to be. You’re also not doomed just because you’ve reached the 40th level of life. 

You can still achieve your health goals, you just need a new approach and possibly a little more consistency than you might have applied in the past. 

If you’re feeling a little stuck, here’s where you can start:

  1. Track Food. Use an app to track all the food you’re eating. Especially meals on the weekend. I know it’s a PITA but it is well worth the insights you’ll get back. Track for 2 straight weeks. Report back if you need help interpreting the data. 

  2. Add Protein. I can’t say this often enough, eat more protein. You need protein to build a healthy, lean, and energized body. Include protein in every meal, ideally 30-40g, so you can hit a minimum of 100g a day (minimum). 

  3. Lift Heavy. Incorporate strength training into your fitness routine (not just cardio or HIIT) and add some more weight than you might be used to; a good general guide is something so heavy you couldn’t lift it more than 4-6x in one set.

  4. Be Mindful in the Morning. Just a few minutes at the start of your day to get grounded and call in some calm before the chaos will go a long way toward improving your health and well-being. A quiet space, a guided video or audio track work great. 

  5. Take a Walk. Highly underrated, and highly effective for physical and mental health. Take a walk, take a few. They don’t have to be long though I’ve noticed I feel very different after 20 minutes than I do after just 15. 15 minutes is too short for me, I’m still in my head about something, but somewhere in that 16-22 minute range I break through and my mind feels more clear and settled.  It may be a different time frame for you. Test it out, and reply back if you do; I’d love to hear what you learned and what’s working. 

Though it’s true you’re older and that will require some new types of body maintenance, you’re also the youngest you’ll ever be again. đŸ™‚Change and progress are possible. 

You can reach your health goals at 40, at 50, at 60…

I see it in clients all the time. 

Be willing to invest in your health as much as you do in your career and in caring for others. A better YOU will ripple and create better for those around you. 

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