Quick Tips for Practicing Gratitude

Nov 22, 2023

As we learned from Brene Brown, we become more joyful when we consistently practice gratitude.

The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to check in with yourself on all that you’re grateful for; and it’s also a great time to check in with yourself on what a regular gratitude practice looks like for you even outside of the holiday season. 

Below I share a few suggestions on how you might incorporate more gratitude into your life. Find what feels right for you, and find a way to build it into your day. 

As always, let me know if you have any practices to add to the list that you’d like to share with others.

  1. Keep a Gratitude Journal: Write down three things you're grateful for each day. This simple act can shift focus to positive aspects of life.
  2. Gratitude Jar: Keep a jar where you can drop notes of things you’re thankful for. This one is an idea stolen from my sister and I love that this creates a physical representation of gratitude. You may even consider using different color post-its to represent a “theme” (family, work, friends, health, etc.). 
  3. Gratitude Letters or Thank You Notes: Write letters to express gratitude to people who have made a difference in your life; it’s your call on whether or not you send it.
  4. Gratitude Reminders: Set daily reminders to pause and think of something you're grateful for. 
  5. Share Gratitude with Others: Share what you’re grateful for with family, friends, or colleagues; consider starting a meeting with a quick round of gratitude sharing.

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