Lasting Weight Loss and Real Health Changes


even with a Jam-Packed Schedule


Appetite for Awesome was created by Nutrition Coach and Organizational Psychologist, Candice Ludwig, to provide busy, career-driven professionals with the skills & knowledge needed to understand the foundations of nutrition, exercise, mindset and stress management so they can be empowered to ditch the fad diets and yo-yo weight loss cycle to finally feel as amazingly awesome as they are.


With more than 15 years of experience, 

balancing health & high performance, Candice will guide you in learning the essentials for long-term weight & energy management and real health changes.

You'll learn and APPLY practices in nutrition fundamentals, strength training, stress management, and critical mindset principles, by making simple and effective changes without adding more to your already crazy-busy schedule.  

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What's in it for me?

Learn How to Lose Weight & Increase Daily Energy without giving up the foods you love or following strict diet "rules".

Achieve Real and Lasting Health Changes to finally get unstuck from the heaviest you've felt and learn how to keep the weight off.

Simple and Effective Strategies that Actually Work, the kind of results that give you confidence and strength. 

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